The Northern California Academy of General Dentistry pride ourselves on offering high quality courses on a variety of topics. We love to offer hands-on clinical courses whenever possible. Covid-19 has altered our plans somewhat, but please let us know what type of courses and what topics  you prefer. We look forward to seeing you both online and at future in-person events!

Upcoming Courses

Clinical Study Club Session 2

We had a successful first session for the clinical study club and are looking forward to an dual in-person/zoom second session. We are just waiting to see how the pandemic is progression before committing to an optional in-person session. 

Past Courses

Let us know if you are interested in seeing any of our past courses again by filling out the form below.
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Julia Goldman

December 2022

Ms. Goldman, a native Northern Californian, specializes in defending dentists, specialists, and other doctors and small to mid-size employers, in the areas of business and employment law.  Ms. Goldman had a very informative session reviewing for us the Dental Practice Act.


Dr. Tim Giroux

April 2021

Dr. Giroux shared valuable information on how Covid-19 has affected dental practice transitions. 


Dr. Ashley Clark

October 2020

Dr. Ashley Clark from University of Kentucky lectured for 2 hours on Epithelial Pathology, from recognizing common lesions to determining whether to biopsy, and how to follow-up with patients who have been diagnosed with epithelial lesions. 

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Dr. Ralan Wong

October 2021

Dr. Ralan Wong is a 5th generation San Franciscan and a 3rd generation alumnus from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr. Wong helped us in understanding pulp pathosis and its relation to dental pain as well as the treatment and management options of the acute dental emergency patient. 


Fazel Mostashari, MBT

February 2021

Fazel Mostashari shared valuable insight into the tax situation dentists are facing in the COVID-19 Era. 


Dr. Harry Albers

May 2021

Dr. Albers is an award-winning, internationally recognized dentist in the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. He shared tips for dental situations guaranteed to arise in the modern dental practice. 

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Dr. Craig Pettingill

November 2020

Dr Craig Pettingill from UCSF lectured for 4 hours via Zoom on both Sleep Apnea and TMD appliances. He reviewed the importance of patient evaluation and oral appliance selection for sleep apnea. He also discussed TMD diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as appliance selection and maintenance.

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