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Mission Statement


In accordance with its values and in support of the organization's purpose, the NorCalAGD's mission is to serve the needs and represent the interests of general dentists, to promote the oral health of the public, and to foster continued proficiency of general dentists through quality continuing dental education in order to better serve the public.

Vision Statement


By way of its mission, the NorCalAGD's vision is to be the premier organization of general dentists, dedicated to improving the quality and delivery of comprehensive dental services, education, health promotion, and wellness.



The purpose of the NorCalAGD is to serve the needs and to represent the interests of general dentists in the Northern California area, and to foster their continued proficiency through quality continuing dental education in order to better serve the public.

The Executive Board


Dr. Ben Chew practices in Fremont and comes from a family of dentists. He enjoys bread and butter dentistry and spending time with his wife and four kids. 

Ben Chew, DDS, MAGD
Vice President/Editor


Dr. Roberta Chek is a native of the Bay Area and happy to be back practicing in San Jose . She currently practices at a public health clinic, which drives her passion to help the underserved community. In her spare time, you can find her running or on a hike to rediscover Northern California.

Roberta Chek, DMD
Leon Chung, DDS


Dr. Chung received his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from UCSD and his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) from UCSF. He is Treasurer of the Northern CA Academy of General Dentistry and a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and Alameda Dental Society.

Dr. Chung believes that dentistry should be easy and comfortable. He personalizes his care and goes above and beyond for each patient just so they can feel at ease.

Dr. Chung is a huge believer in continuous dental education. He has served as a leader in dental education through his role as the NCAGD Treasurer, a non-profit dental organization that provides dental courses for other dentists. He has also taken extensive training in dental implants, dental crown & cosmetic veneer, dental bridges, and gum management.

In his spare time, Dr. Chung can be found at the local gym playing basketball, writing music on his keyboard, or hiking with his wife.

Pelin photo.jpeg


Dr. Pelin Inan Kurugol is practicing in Redwood City. She believes in high quality continuing education and knowledge sharing with colleagues is the key for success in dentistry. In her spare time, she enjoys singing in an a capella chorus and traveling with her husband. 

Pelin Inan Kurugol, DDS
Immediate Past President


Dr. Yenba Sing now practices in the Peninsula, happy to be closer to family. She has three kids who take up 95% of her free time and is passionate about continuing education and study clubs.

Yenba Sing, DMD
thien Vu47330.jpeg


Dr. Thien Vu practices in San Jose and is passionate about periodontal and implant surgery. She is heavily involved in all aspects of the dental profession and has a passion for helping dental students achieve their best.

Thien Vu, DDS, MAGD
Executive Director

Cori Lee practices as a dental hygienist in San Jose and Los Gatos. She has been practicing for over 20 years in the dental profession. Her passions are tennis, traveling, and photography.

Cori Lee, RDH

Bay Area, CA


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