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Course Reviews

Dr. Philip Kroll's lecture on Managing the Geriatric Patient and Implant Occlusion

* The lecture was very helpful in helping me learn new pt management skills

* The facility was amazing, and I appreciate how passionate Dr. Kroll was and willing to answer questions and share his contact info.

* Overall presentation is informative and interesting, some points are kind of a review and a good addition to the practice.

* Very well organized lecture, nice setting, great food. I enjoyed Dr.Kroll’s teaching style.

Dr. Tim Leary's lecture on Complete Dentistry Meets Occlusion Workshop

* Lecture was very eye opening and excellent!

* Great topic and speaker! Location and food was also great!

* Instructor asked the question, is our practice focused on benefiting the doctor or patients and showed us how we can make it benefit both. Was very inspirational. 

Dr. Nita Chainani-Wu's lecture on Infections Affecting the Oral Cavity

* Material was presented in a very approachable fashion; presenter was engaging and highly knowledgeable.

* Enjoyed the case presentations.

* I learned about some new medications to prescribe to patients that might present with oral lesions.

* Very informative. Great review. Great presenter.

Dr. Joseph Kan's lecture on Anterior Esthetics

* Engaging presentation, informative, & well researched concepts

* Loved his lecture - he is full of info & funny too!

* 1st time with AGD - Great course

* Engaging presentation, informative, & well researched concepts

Dr. Ralan Wong's hands-on course on Endodontics:

* What an excellent presentation. thank you so much. I learned new things today!

* Perfect very approachable

* Great material, great instructor. feel lot of basics were covered

* I enjoyed the hands-on course and learned a lot thanks!


Dr. Suzuki’s hands-on course on Periodontal Surgery Techniques:

* Five Star’s! Excellent course lecture and hands-on.

* Very nice meeting.  Good food, good venue.  Enjoyed!

* Great speaker!

* Great staff, awesome speaker, adequate info & time for hands on



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