NCAGD Clinical Study Club

Aug 31, 2021

April 27, 2021

March 2021

Thank you everyone who showed up to the first study club on June 9. We apologize for the delay on the second session. The consensus was that a weekend in-person event was preferable has been taken into consideration with the state of the pandemic. We are currently working on a second session somewhere in Oakland on a weekend, so we can all meet face-to-face. 

You are more than welcome to continue joining us on Zoom, and of course the club meeting will be available for viewing afterwards for all members who were unable to attend. 

We ask for your patience and continued interest as we work on putting the next session together. The topic will be: TMJ disorders, experiences, diagnosis, and splint therapy considerations and best practices. As this is a clinical study club, we will also be reviewing the how-tos for splint therapy so you'll be confident going into the office and delivering your next splint the next day!


We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting and will be sending out information as soon as we can.

The study club is scheduled for Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 630PM. As this is for everyone who has expressed interest, the date and time can be rescheduled for maximum participation. 


The topic of discussion for this first meeting will be periodontics. Some topics we may discuss include suture characteristics and selection, flap design, surgical SRP, and treating mobile teeth. If you have any cases you'd like to discuss, review, get opinions or advice for treatment, please bring X-rays, photos, and pertinent patient information that may affect treatment options. The goal of this study club is to be a valuable resource for YOU, so topics of discussion will always be subject to change according to what the group decides.  


Also to be discussed will be some housekeeping items: 

  • Study Club Structure 

  • Study Club Fees

  • Meeting Frequency

  • Location of Meetings

  • Study Club Size

  • Topics of Interest 

  • Eventual Autonomy from NCAGD

There are still a few spots available. Please contact us below if you're interested in joining. 

Hello NCAGD Members,

We would like to gauge your interest level in joining us in creating a clinical, practical NCAGD study club. We are looking for dentists of all experiences to join us as mentors, as well as participants. This would be a great opportunity for experience dentists to share their knowledge and for younger dentists to build confidence.

A study club can be whatever the group wants it to be, but some ideas and topics include:

  • Surgical extractions and complications, X-Ray interpretation of extraction difficulty, ridge preservation or augmentation tips and advice, and suture techniques.

  • Periodontal surgery indications, considerations, and technique from a mentor who’s performed surgery on hundreds of patients.

  • Crown and bridge preparation design, ceramic selection (e.g. Empress vs. Emax vs. Bruxzir), and cement selection and protocol. For instance, veneer buttjoint or chamfer margin? Why use heated composite for cementation?

  • Who knows the best protocols for dealing with cracked teeth? Come share!

  • Does anyone know when to retreat a #15 molar or when it’s better to extract? Can you share what to look for when you suspect there’s a crack vs. a missed canal?

  • Do you have a difficult treatment case and want a second opinion? Or a third?

  • Present a case that you’re proud of! Or even a case that has you stumped.


If you are interested in joining us in creating this community where we can support each other with all things dentistry, please fill out the FORM and let us know your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, join us on facebook for live discussions and case presentations.